ATM 401 response code


 The 401 response code for ATMs is not one of the regular HTTP response codes. Three-digit numbers known as HTTP response codes often describe the outcome of a request sent to a server. The 401 status code particularly denotes "Unauthorized" and is used when authentication is necessary but the requester has not supplied legitimate credentials.

It appears that you are referring to an ATM response code, though. Automated teller machines (ATMs) employ ATM response codes to show a transaction's status. Unfortunately, as my training only lasts until September 2021, I am without access to a current list of ATM response codes. Additionally, various ATM networks and financial organizations may use different response codes.

we advise getting in touch with your bank or the ATM operator immediately if you come across an ATM 401 response code to find out what it means specifically and how it can impact your transaction. Based on the meanings of the answer codes in their system, they can provide you precise information.


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