BE Error Code Lists


The BE Fresh Submission Error Code List is a list of error codes that can occur when submitting a fresh Bill of Entry (BE) through the ICEGATE portal. The list includes the error code, a brief description of the error, and the module and message type associated with the error.

Here is a sample of the BE Fresh Submission Error Code List:

BE Error Code Lists

Bill of Entry (BE)

Type of Bill EntryDocument TypeUpdated
img_pdf .pdf (233kb)19-09-2020
img_pdf .pdf (24kb)- - -
img_pdf .pdf (32kb)30-06-2017

Error Code Lists

Error Code ListsDocument TypeUpdated
img_xls .xls (22kb)02/05/2012
img_pdf .pdf (9kb)- - -
img_pdf .pdf (130kb)- - -
img_pdf .pdf (84kb)- - -
img_xls .xls (27kb)02/05/2012
img_pdf .pdf (124kb)- - -
img_pdf .pdf (122kb)- - -
img_doc .doc (35kb)19/03/2012
img_doc .doc (35kb)13/04/2021

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