iBELL Induction Cooktop Error Code List with Solutions


Are you looking for iBELL Induction Cooktop error codes? Here you can find the error codes of iBELL induction cooktops and how to troubleshoot them.

These are just for your reference. Do not try to open your stove without taking safety precautions. If you need service, call the service person.

iBELL  Induction Cooktop  Error Code List with Solutions 

Error CodeSolution
E0Ensure the pot or pan is placed correctly 
E1The circuit has malfunctioned 
E2The temperature sensor is opening circuit or short circuit 
E3The voltage is higher (140V-160V)for 3 seconds 
E4The voltage is lower (80V-100V) for 3 seconds. 
E5The cook-top surface temperature is too high 
E6Internal Electronic Temperature is higher than normal for 3 seconds 
E7Internal Electronic Temperature sensor is opening circuit or short circuit

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