Lennox Air Conditioning Error Codes



Lennox AC Error Codes

Indoor Unit Error Display

Error Codes: Cause

E0: EEPROM parameter error

E1: Indoor/outdoor units communication protection

E2: Zero-crossing signal error

E3: Indoor fan speed out of control

E5: Open or short circuit of outdoor temperature sensor or outdoor unit EEPROM parameter error

E6: Open or short circuit of room or evaporator temperature sensor

E7: Outdoor fan speed out of control

P0: IBM malfunction or IGBT over-strong current protection

P1: Over voltage or too low voltage protection

P2: Temperature protection of compressor top

P4: Inverter compressor drive error

Lennox Split AC Error Codes

F1: Return air temperature sensor open/ short-circuited

P6: Drive board communication error

F2: Evaporator temperature sensor open/ short-circuited

H3: Compressor overheating protection

b5: Indoor unit liquid valve temperature sensor open/short circuited

LP: Indoor and outdoor units unmatched

b7: Indoor gas valve temperature sensor open/ short-circuited

dn: Communication line misconnected or expansion valve error

P7: IPM temperature sensor open/short circuited

E7: Running mode conflict

F3: Outdoor ambient temperature sensor open/ short-circuited

Fo: Pump-down

F4: Outdoor unit condenser mid-tube temperature sensor open/short circuited

C5: Jumper error

F5: Discharge temperature sensor open/ short-circuited

H1: Forced defrosting

E6: Indoor and outdoor communication error

Lc: Compressor start-up failure

PL: DC bus under-voltage protection

E4: High discharge temperature protection

PH: DC bus over-voltage protection

E8: Overload protection

U1: Compressor phase current sensing circuit error

E5: Whole unit over-current protection

HE: Compressor demagnetization protection

P5: Over phase current protection

Hc: PFC protection

H7: Compressor desynchronizing

P8: IPM Temperature Protection

H5: IPM Current protection

L9: Over-power protection

Ld: Compressor phase loss/reversal protection

F0: System charge shortage or blockage protection

F8: Frequency restricted/reduced with whole unit current protection

PU: Capacitor charging error

IPM: Frequency restricted/reduced with

En: Current protection

E1: High pressure protection

F9: Frequency restricted/reduced with high discharge temperature

E3: Low pressure protection

FH: Frequency restricted/reduced with anti-freezing protection

LE: Compressor stalling

F6: Frequency restricted/reduced with overload protection

LF: Over-speeding

EU: Frequency restricted/reduced with IPM temperature protection

PF: Drive board temperature sensor error

E9: Indoor unit full water error

P9: AC contactor protection

E2: Anti-freezing protection

PE: Temperature drift protection

PP: AC input voltage abnormal

Pd: Sensor connection protection

U5: Whole unit current sensing circuit error

U3: DC bus voltage drop error

U7: 4-way valve reversing error

L3: Outdoor fan 1 error protection

H6: Motor stalling

LA: Outdoor fan 2 error protection

U8: PG motor zero-crossing protection

Lennox Air Conditioner Mini Split Error Codes

Lennox MS8 SERIES AC Error Codes

C5: Indoor control jumper is missing

E0: EEPROM failure

EE: EEPROM failure

E1: Communication failure between indoor unit and outdoor unit

E2: Indoor coil freeze protection – All system functions are terminated except indoor fan

E3: Outdoor coil blockage or low refrigerant due to leak

E4: Discharge line temperature protection

E5: Compressor overcurrent protection

E6: Communication failure between indoor unit and outdoor unit

FH: Anti-freezing upper and lower limit range

FO: Indoor coil is gathering refrigerant

F1: Indoor ambient sensor (RT1) open or short-circuited

F2: Indoor coil sensor (RT2) open or short-circuited

F3: Outdoor ambient sensor (RT4)open or short circuit

F4: Outdoor coil sensor (RT3) open or short circuit

F5: Discharge line sensor (RT5) error

F6: Compressor overload limit issue

F8: High current limit issue

F9: Discharge line temperature too high

HC: Power factor correction protection

H1: Defrosting (heat pump only)

H3: Compressor overload protection sensor (CT1.2) malfunction

H4: Compressor high temperature protection

H5: Intelligent Power Module (IPM) module protection

H6: Indoor fan not communicating

LP: Indoor and outdoor unit mismatch

L3: Outdoor DC fan motor malfunction

L9: Power factor protection

PH: High voltage protection

PL: Low voltage protection

Lennox MPA012S4S-1L AC Error Codes

EO: Outdoor EEPROM error

E2: Communication error between outdoor unit and all indoor units

E3: Communication error between outdoor unit main control and IPM control

E4: Temp sensor error

E5: High or Low voltage protection

E8: Outdoor DC fan speed error

F1: Indoor unit #1 coil outlet temp, sensor error

F2: Indoor unit #2 coil outlet temp, sensor error

F3: Indoor unit #3 coil outlet temp, sensor error

F4: Indoor unit #4 coil outlet temp, sensor error

F5: Indoor unit #5 coil outlet temp, sensor error

F6: Indoor unit #6 coil outlet temp, sensor error

P1: High pressure switch open

P2: Low pressure switch open

P3: Outdoor Compressor current overload sensed

P4: High temperature sensed at compressor discharge line

P5: High temperature sensed at outdoor coil

Lpe: Inverter module (IPM) error

Lennox Universal Mini-Split Error Codes

E0: Indoor unit EEPROM error

E1: Communication error between indoor unit and outdoor units

E3: Indoor fan speed error

E4: Indoor Return air temperature sensor error

E5: Indoor coil temperature sensor error

EC: Low refrigerant

EE: High water level alarm

F0: Outdoor current overload sensed

F1: Outdoor ambient temperature sensor error

F2: Outdoor coil temperature sensor error

F3: Compressor discharge temperature sensor error

F4: Outdoor unit EEPROM error

F5: Outdoor unit fan speed error

P0: Inverter module IPM error

P1: High or Low voltage protection

P3: Outdoor unit low temperature lockout

P4: Compressor drive error

P6: Compressor high-pressure or low-pressure switch open

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