Voltas Inverter AC Error Code List



Voltas Inverter AC Error Code List

Here are some common error codes for Voltas  inverter air conditioners:

  1. E1: High pressure protection error. This error occurs when the high-pressure switch detects abnormally high pressure in the refrigerant system.

  2. E2: Indoor temperature sensor error. This error indicates a problem with the indoor temperature sensor, which may require replacement or recalibration.

  3. E3: Indoor coil temperature sensor error. This error signifies a fault with the indoor coil temperature sensor, which may need to be checked or replaced.

  4. E4: Outdoor temperature sensor error. This error suggests an issue with the outdoor temperature sensor, which may require inspection or replacement.

  5. E5: Compressor overcurrent protection error. This error occurs when the compressor draws excessive current, indicating a potential problem with the compressor or its electrical components.

  6. E6: Communication error between indoor and outdoor units. This error indicates a communication problem between the indoor and outdoor units, often due to wiring or control board issues.

Error CodeError Details
EEIndoor machine EE fault
E0Outdoor EE fault
E1Indoor fan fault
E2Indoor fan zero-crossing detection abnormal
E3Indoor coil fault and sensor fault
E4Indoor ambient temperature sensor fault
E5Fan Operation Error
E6Indoor and outdoor machine communication fault
E8Outdoor communication fault
F1Compressor starting abnormal
F2Compressor out of step fault
F3IPM module fault
F4Compressor shell roof fault/protection
F5Discharge temperature sensor fault
F6Section temperature sensor fault
F7Outdoor coil temperature sensor fault
F8Outdoor ambient temperature sensor fault
F9Outdoor DC fan fault
P1Outdoor machine AC current protection
P2Compressor phase current protection
P3Outdoor unit over-high or over-low AC voltage protection
P4DC voltage over-high or over-low voltage protection
P5IPM over-high temperature protection
P6Discharge temperature overheat protection
P7Cooling indoor coil anti freezing protection
P8Cooling outdoor coil overheat protection
P9Heating indoor coil overheat protection
PCCooling outdoor ambient temperature over-low protection
PHHeating outdoor ambieent temperature over-high protection
L1Drive bus voltage over-high protection
L2Drive bus voltage over-low protection
L3Drive phase current overload fault
L4Phase current samping abnormal
U1IPM Over current protection
U3Compressor Over current protection
U4Over voltage protection
U5Low voltage protection
U7Over speed protection

If you see an error code on your Voltas Inverter AC, you can refer to this list to troubleshoot the problem. If you're not comfortable troubleshooting the problem yourself, you can contact Voltas customer support for help.

Here are some additional tips to help you prevent AC errors:

  • Keep the AC clean and free of dust.
  • Inspect the AC regularly for any signs of damage.
  • Have the AC serviced by a qualified technician regularly.

By following these tips, you can help keep your Voltas Inverter AC running smoothly and prevent errors.


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