Roblox error code List with Solutions


 Find out about all the Roblox error codes and how to fix them. Sometimes the reason for an error isn't what it says in the message, but most mistakes are easy to fix!

Roblox Error Codes / Website Error Messages

Down For Maintenence: Don’t worry, the site is down for maintenence, just wait and try again late.

ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS: Try logging in using private browsing or the "incognito" mode.

Error Code 400Change the URL you are trying to view.

Error Code 403You can't see the page because you don't have permission to.

404 Error CodeThe page doesn't exist or has been blocked.

Error Code 500The problem is on the service itself.

Error Code 504: It could be caused by maintenance, a brief shutdown, or a problem with the connection. So most of the time you just have to wait and try again later. But check how you're connected to the internet.

 805 Error Code : Just try again.

Roblox Error Codes / Game Client Error Messages

Error Messages 0 – 300

Client Crash: This message shows if the client has crashed, if the client runs out of memory, if there is a lot of lag, or if the player joins with an exploit.

Error Code 6: Check your internet connection and anti-virus (make sure the client isn't being flagged as malware).

Error Code 17: Check website blocks or try again later

103 Error Code: Check if the username you're using is for a child, teen, or adult because of the privacy settings.

Error Code 142: The server is out of date

You are trying to move to a place that is not open.

148: The client needs to be installed again

Error Codes 256 and 274: The server has shut down or you have been banned.

Error Code 260: The computer isn't doing a good job.

Due to Roblox's servers, you need to restart and maybe wait a few minutes before trying again.

You need to reconnect and maybe wait a few minutes, says Error Code 262.

Error Code 264: If you start the game on different platforms with the same account, you need to reconnect with the device you want to use.

You have been kicked out by an administrator or a bot.

You have been kicked off a server and forced to join another. This could be because of an attack programme.

Error Code 271: All people are offline or you have been kicked. You are trying to join to a game with an exploit program, says error code 272.

Error Code273 There are four possible reasons for the 273 error code: you have been warned, banned, have a bad connection, or are trying to join a game on one device while playing on another.

Error Code 274: Try again later, the server has been shut down by the creator.

Error Code 275Server shutdown, please try again later.

Error Code 277: If you can't connect to the server or have been banned. But it seems that also happens by chance. Error Code: Idle for 20 minutes or more

Error Code 279: A connection attempt failed if the ID is 17. This generally happens when a player leaves the game. But if it says ID = 146, Illegal teleport location, it means that the client is trying to join a game somewhere other than where it started.

Error Messages 301 – 800

Error Code 517: The server is closing down, or you got unplugged and are trying to get back into the same server

522 Error Code: A player you were following has quit the game.

The server is down. This is a 523 error code.

You need an invitation to access that server, or the Roblox services are down.

Error Code 529: The http server has stopped working.

610 Error Code: If you try to join a VIP server, log out, or lose your link. 7xx Error Code: The teleport fails.

769 Error Code: The move doesn't work, and you don't know why.

770 Error Code: You're trying to move to a game that doesn't exist.

You are trying to teleport to a service that doesn't exist.

You're trying to teleport to a computer that's already full.

You are trying to move to a wrong ID or a private location.

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