voltas non inverter ac error code list



Voltas Inverter AC Error Code List Voltas Split AC Error Code List
Sl NoError CodeError Details
1E1The trouble of indoor unit room temperature sensor 
2E2The trouble of indoor unit pipe temperature sensor 
3E3The trouble of PG motor 
4E5Wired controller communication failure 
5E6The EEPRO of indoor unit error 
61EThe trouble og outdoor unit room temperature sensor 
72EThe trouble of outdoor unit pipe temperatue sensor 
83EThe trouble of exhaust sensor 
94EThe EEPRO of indoor unit error ( outdoor unit). Replace the module board of outdoor unit 
108EThe trouble of PFC. Replace the module board of outdoor unit 
11H1Automatic defrosting 
12H3Stop for compressor overload protection 
13H4Overload protection 
14H5Stop for IPM module protection 
15H6PG motor does not operate ( indoor fan motor) 
16HCPFC overcurrent malfunction 
17L9High protection of power 
18LPIndoor and outdoor units cant match with each other 
19PHHigh voltage protection 
20PLLow voltage protection 
21C5Jumper cap malfunction 

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